The Good Heritage

We make nutrifying the world effortless.


Our Shared Values

Our team brings together experts in science, innovation, wellness and purposeful business. 

Do less harm to the environment 

We prefer packaging in glass or what we like to call sophisticated sand. Glass is a natural product that contains no harmful chemicals, preserves freshness and is reusable. We prefer to reduce any indirect effects of our packaging by reducing the quantity used. To that end, we offer discounted refills at select locations. 

 Rooted in purpose

 We take a multi-pronged approach to our work:

  1. Make wellness more accessible to the custodians of the agriculture resources we utilize

  2. Employment creation for women in rural and urban cities through our sourcing and manufacturing process

  3. Traceable benefits to our value chain partners.

 Technology meets nature for utmost efficacy

We invest in research and development to bring you the most benefit with each mouthful, gulp or drop. We value transparency and intend to use blockchain technology to guarantee authentic products from fairly compensated farmers.


Founder and CEO

Certified Integrated Health Coach - New York Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Master of Business Administration - Innovation and Global Leadership - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Head of Research and Development

Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy (Hons BPharm)   - University of Zimbabwe (UZ)