The Good Heritage

We make nutrifying the world effortless.


Healthful foods ROOTED in TRADITION, recipes passed down GENERATIONS, products just as EFFECTIVE today.

Baobab Powder: It is widely believed that the baobab tree can live to be 3000 years, 100 feet tall and have a trunk as wide as 35 feet! It’s wide trunk can store as much at 30,000+ gallons of water, making it resistant to harsh weather. The hard shelled fruit the size of a coconut contains a slightly tart powder covering bean like seeds. The powder can be added to yoghurts and stews .

Roasted Mongongo Nuts: The mongongo tree is a treasure in desert-like conditions. The mongongo kernels contain about 50% poly-unsaturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats. These fats are known to reduce heart related diseases. They are also a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc and high levels of vitamin E.

Hibiscus/Rosella Tea: We love the rich red leaves from this hardy plant for their multiple health benefits including management of blood pressure, weight management, supporting sleep and aiding digestion. The tea is high in vitamin C, anti-oxidants, calcium and iron.

Resurrection Bush Tea: Called resurrection for the speed with which apparently dead leaves revive when the rains come, this exceptional bush makes a highly aromatic green tea that has antioxidant properties more than other common teas. It has a myriad of benefits including treating coughs, back aches, cramps and hypertension.


Through our back to basics approach, we use minimum ingredients that are FREE OF TOXINS/FERTILIZERS/PESTICIDES, SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED, and HIGH IN BENEFITS.

Love Your Face & Planet Oil

This oil is light and hydrating and increases skin elasticity. With a fleeting, delicate scent, it is a favorite for the face for both men and women.

Love Your Beard & Planet Oil

This oil supports growth, reduces itchiness and supports an overall healthy beard.

Love Your Skin & Planet Butter

This fast absorbing butter is effective in the management of dry skin, eczema,

Baobab Moisturizing Oil

This multi-purpose oil quenches dry skin, protects hair and scalp from dryness and reduces the appearance of stretch marks if used regularly. As a bonus, it smells like fresh leaves with a hint of tree bark.


Our signature essential oil blends support wellness on-the-go. Use in aromatherapy per directions provided.

Matobo blend

A rich fragrant blend which lifts the spirit and elevates mood.

Nyanga blend

Incredibly smooth fleeting scent which induces relaxation & calmness.

Binga blend

A mix of gentle antiseptic essential oils which eases aches and pains and is invaluable throughout the cold season.

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